Meet Danielle


Hi, I’m Danielle. I’m not sure how you happened upon me, but welcome.

I love Jesus.

I was married to the military.
Now I’m married to a retired USAF veteran.
I take kids to school & pick them up.
Run kids to appointments. Yes there are appointments weekly.
I run a women’s ministry on two campuses & online.
I create, maintain, and train leadership teams.
I mentor women.
I mentor moms.
I helicopter my mom. Okay my kids and husband, too.
Many of my friendships are maintained via text messages.
Coffee runs through my veins.
I cannot drink water without it spilling.
I have fine lines forming on my face.
I love Jesus. Teach His Word.
I write some articles.
To keep from going full-on crazy, I run.
I strive to live the life I say I believe.



You may contact Danielle below.