$10 off coupon with referral link at the end of this review. I purchased this product on my own and am reviewing this product not because I was asked to, but because I am so excited about how this product changed my life and my son’s life that I wanted […]

DockATot saved my sanity

Don’t come over to my house unannounced because you might just find yourself seeing more than you ever wished. At my house, pants are optional. It isn’t like we announce it or even talk about it much, but a peek in my window and you’d see most everyone without pants. […]

Pants are optional

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  Did she see me? Does she really know who I am? Can my husband handle my story? Will I still be loved after I’m found out? We all mess up. I screw things up so bad I look ridiculous at times. It happens more often that I care to admit. […]

I am Found– Book Review

Part 3 of 3 (Read Part 1 and Part 2) Delivery There was something beautiful about the pain and literal fruit of my labor. It’s difficult for me to get pregnant and keep a pregnancy, so pregnancy is difficult and scary. It’s a release and surrender of all expectations and […]

Del’s Birth Story Part 3

Part 2 of 3  (Read Part 1 here) Labor   The nurse came in with a nurse training in labor and delivery. I had two nurses! It was quite awesome. When one nurse was busy charting the other could help me or do another task. My care was efficient and […]

Del’s Birth Story Part 2

Part 1 of 3 Induction Day It happened after the birth of my first son. I became a sucker for birth stories. It wasn’t like that before him, though. I actually felt quite excluded and not able to fully understand the birth experience. It’s something that I never thought I […]

Del’s Birth Story Part 1

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There I was sitting in the pew Saturday evening. My ribbed tank top, stained with spit up, was stretched from multiple nursing sessions all day. The jean shorts on my hips still won’t button two months postpartum. Flip-flops, two years old, displayed my desperate need of a pedicure. Every piece […]

Weary, Worn, & Hungry

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He came home one Wednesday evening. It was later than normal and had been a long day for him. There were meetings and stressors. There was a forty minute drive home that turned into an hour and some change due to one lane traffic and construction. The daylight hours were […]

Servants at Heart

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  It’s inevitable. Someday I will die. I will die from this earth and everything will continue going on as if my existence was just a blink of an eye. That’s because my life will have passed in a blink of an eye. Follow me for a minute… My dear […]

I want to step foot where my feet have never ...