A new pattern has emerged. I realized I am doing something not many people do. In fact, sometimes it elicits stares and questions or comments from those brave enough to inquire.   I’m extended breastfeeding. What does that mean? I think it is a term that came about due to women having a […]

A relationship we’ll never have again   Recently updated !

Radio silence is a terminology used when a set of radio stations, anyone that can transmit a radio signal, are asked to be silent. The radio waves are open and silent so that they may receive important information in a time of emergency crisis, safety, and security. Oftentimes this is […]

Radio Silence and Refocus

I’m not going to go on about Whole 30 much longer, but I wanted to share what Whole 30 did to me internally. It changed me not just from the outside, but from the inside out. I hate the term relationship with food, but I don’t have another to replace […]

I get to be miracle of Jesus

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I did it. For almost all of April and a few days in May I went on this journey called Whole 30. Please don’t stop reading because I mentioned Whole 30. Don’t roll your eyes. Or do. I don’t really care. I was the eye roller just a few months […]

Eye Rolls and All, I completed Whole 30

Is it really 2017? It’s been hard to tell because it sure seems 2016 lingers… At this very moment I am overwhelmed. I’ve been on a mission to change my focus this year and every day I’ve had my face in my Beautiful Word Bible (NIV) forcing myself to slow down. […]

Pursuit of Life

  I’m here. I survived. What will I remember of 2016? I’ll remember the beautiful birth of my baby boy. I’ll remember how love multiplies and doesn’t divide. I’ll remember how much I didn’t sleep. How loud that baby boy was. I’ll remember how mature my two older children became and […]

2016 taught me

He reached for the bottle again.   She went behind my back and didn’t keep my confidences.  My son relapsed.   My parents won’t speak to me.  She no longer invites me to girls’ night.   She’s an adulteress.  My child is a disappointment.  My dad wasn’t there when I needed him. We’ve […]

Loving when it’s Hard

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  I am a mom of three. I’m a wife of one. I do life with my family in a humble three bedroom one bathroom home.   There’s laundry to do, meals to make, groceries to buy, carpool to be driven, school PTL, and bills to pay.   There’s ministry […]

Necessary Pain

  Her arms are long, flowing, and graceful. At the ends of each arm are hands that are wide, strong, and yet delicate. Each finger has evidence of nervous anxiety chewed into them. Those same arms attach to broad shoulders and a long torso that sits atop slightly curved hips. […]

Ode to My Daughter